Song in Every Breath

1-28-2020 bI was pretty sure I heard a winter wren’s beautiful song on my walk this morning. When I got home I looked the song of the winter wren up online and I had been right! And you know how much I love it when I am right!

Readers of this blog will have noticed I link to a podcast called BirdNote with some frequency. It is my absolute favorite podcast. I love the short format, I love the digestible nuggets of information, and I love hearing the bird songs included in each episode.

A few BirdNote episodes popped up when I searched for winter wrens and I learned an absolutely fascinating new thing today about these birds: winter wrens sing when they are exhaling, just like the rest of us. But did you know that they also sing while inhaling? Isn’t that amazing? If this fact is not striking you as impressive-as-heck, I suggest you try it right now – try to sing something while inhaling – I bet you cannot do it!

Bernice1-28-2020 a

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