When the Challenge Is the Reward

I adore ice skating. Have I mentioned that before?

My non-giraffe readers may assume I can indulge my passion for skating any old time of year because, of course, there are indoor rinks. But at over sixteen feet tall, indoor ice-skating rinks are not an option for me. I must wait each year for the weather to become cold enough for outdoor ice rinks to open.

Luckily for me, there are quite a few great outdoor ice-skating options here in the D.C. area. I took Louisa to my absolute favorite, the National Gallery of Art ice rink, yesterday. Louisa is very athletic and she is a marvelous skater. She floats around the ice with stylish elegance. I admire her skill.

As for me, I gracelessly fumble around the ice and I fall quite frequently, especially in the beginning of the season when I am out of practice. But the challenge is the fun for me. I even kind of like the twinge of fear I feel when I first step out onto the ice, feeling like I cannot get my four feet organized under me, the very real possibility of slipping and falling imminent.

I eventually find my groove and manage to circle the rink with some speed and grace. It’s always such a hard-won victory! I think those infrequent moments are what make the whole endeavor so addictive for me.

Do you have something you like to do because it’s hard? Something in which the challenge itself is the reward?


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