You Should See Him in His Crown

11-26-2019 b“Why, oh why is that bird named the ruby-crowned kinglet, Bernice?” Hector asked me shortly after we had seen one. “I think it should be called the teeny-weeny grey bird.”

“Hector, teeny-weeny grey bird is a terrible name,” I laughed. “And the bird’s name would make sense if we saw him in his crown. Male ruby-crowned kinglets have red feathers on their heads that they raise in times of great excitement. When they do so, they look like they are wearing ruby-colored crowns. Or so I hear. The truth is, I have never seen one with his red crown-feathers standing up.”

“You haven’t? Let’s see if we can find one!”

We looked all day, but we never did find another ruby-crowned kinglet. Le sigh.

Hector and I had a great day anyway – we always do.

Bernice11-26-2019 a

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