Reading Recommendation

11-19-2019 bI decided to mix it up this week and write about a book I have just finished called Urban Aviary: A Modern Guide to City Birds, which was written by Stephen Moss and illustrated by Marc Martin.

The book covers the topic of urban birds – just like my blog! Unlike my blog, which focusses primarily on birds here in Washington, D.C., this delightful book discusses urban birds all over the world.

There is a brief introduction and then, as you turn each page, you will find a short write-up about a bird from a particular city on the left and a beautiful watercolor illustrating the bird on the right.

The bird chosen for the Washington, D.C. page is the turkey vulture. The author describes both the good and the bad of living with turkey vultures, which I very much appreciated.  Life is complicated and few things are wholly one or the other.

Urban Aviary is beautiful, informative, fun, and I highly recommend it!

Happy reading, everyone!


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