Handsome Honkers

11-5-2019 bSome folks think Canada Geese are pests. It’s true that the population of these birds is very large, but I hardly find it to be pestilential.

I admit stepping in goose droppings is super icky and Canada Geese leave large poops everywhere they go, but I nonetheless find these handsome honkers positively delightful!

I love the way Canada Geese honk-honk-honk and I love the way they walk. I love to watch them fly, especially when they fly in their lovely V formation across the sky. I love watching Canada Geese swim and I love it when they dunk their heads under water in search of good things to eat.

And please, don’t even get me started on how I love newly-hatched Canada Geese! There can’t possibly be anything cuter in the whole world than their fluffy yellow chicks!

Canada Geese like open, grassy areas near water, which describes the National Mall pretty perfectly.  It was nonetheless an unexpected delight when Hector and I happened upon a bunch of Canada Geese on the lawn near the Washington Monument yesterday.


PS: For those of you who do find Canada Geese very annoying, I found an interesting article on how to get rid of them from the National Audubon Society.

11-5-2019 a

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