Almost Didn’t See You There!

10-29-2019 aHector went to visit his folks for the weekend.  I missed my best friend a lot. I was feeling a tad blue, so I decided to go to Rock Creek Park, which always puts me in a good mood.

Do you know what put me in an even better mood?

I saw a brown creeper!

And let me tell you, brown creepers are not easy to see! They aren’t rare birds in these parts, but they might as well be invisible because their plumage blends in with the bark of trees so well.

When I saw the lovely little bird, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm and I said “Oh hi! I almost didn’t see you there!”

The bird ignored me and continued its creeping. It travelled, in a spiraling journey, up the trunk of the tree. It constantly searched for insects to eat and it found quite a few to munch on. When it got to the top of the tree trunk, it flew the short distance to the base of the tree next door, where the bird began its spiraling creep anew.

Bernice10-29-2019 b

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