Flutter On

7-16-2019 aMy muses informed me that they LOVE BUTTERFLIES and so I will write about them again this week. I find it is best to keep one’s muses well-pleased.

I went to visit my Great-Aunt Mimi again. I am always welcome at her place. We decided to sit in her milkweed patch. Mimi has planted a lot of a type of milkweed called butterfly weed and it is in full bloom.

The plant has been put in the garden specifically for monarchs to eat during their caterpillar stage of life, but many types of butterflies are attracted to the beautiful blooms.

7-16-2019 bThe day was sunny and hot and there were a lot of butterflies fluttering about. Most of them were Eastern Tiger Swallowtails, which I find particularly beautiful. I love the bit of blue on their lower backs – so fancy! I asked Mimi what she had planted to attract that specific insect to her garden.

“They’re here to drink the nectar from a lot of different flowers, but I think the tulip tree next door is probably a favorite egg-laying spot for them,” Mimi said, pointing to a large tree in her neighbor’s garden.

The butterflies flew from bloom to bloom, filling their tummies with good eats. Mimi and I admired their industriousness while we lazed away in the sun.

3 responses to “Flutter On”

  1. Hi, Bernice. Looks like you had a great time with Great Aunt Mimi who is looking fashionable as always. Found the links in your piece very interesting. The description of how the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail has evolved over time and its ability to appear as different possible things over its life was quite interesting. Bird droppings when very young, then snake-like and then able to emit secretions that smell bad to put off potential predators. Quite talented caterpillars that turn into truly lovely butterflies.

    Mom ordered me a special groquet hat that I need to pick up before dinner. Bet your muses would be fascinated to see a groquet hat!



    • Hi Dad! Thank you for the comment!

      Thank you for pointing out the links 🙂 I try to link to good information in my posts for those readers who may be interested in learning more. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is more than just a pretty set of wings, it’s true!

      I can’t wait to see your new hat! Maybe I can swing by your place tonight for a fashion show?

      I love you.



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