Dressed Up in Blue

7-2-2019 a“Pssst! Flash of bright blue to the left!” I hissed at Hector and then I quickly, but hopefully silently, poked my head into the tree branches on the left side of the trail. Hector’s head popped in to the foliage moments later.

We both scanned the tree branches for the blue bird I was pretty sure I had just seen fly by. Would it be a blue jay? A black-throated blue warbler? Would we be able to find it?

7-2-2019 bHector and I stood still and waited, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever bird I thought I had seen.

And then I saw him: an indigo bunting! It was very exciting!

“What kind of bird is that, Bernice?” Hector asked. “What a beautiful color it is!”

“That is an indigo bunting – a male – you can tell by his color. The females are light brown,” I whispered. “The males have bright blue feathers for the breeding season, otherwise they are mostly brown too,” I added.

“I love being able to see birds in their breeding plumage. It seems to be their best-looking attire,” Hector grinned.

“Me too. This bird is so beautiful. I hope his partner is suitably impressed!”

Hector and I were able to watch the indigo bunting for a few moments more. Then the bird flew away.7-2-2019 c

3 responses to “Dressed Up in Blue”

  1. Dear Bernice,

    WOW! Indigo Buntings are the most beautiful birds we’ve ever seen! As you may know, E turns 5 today, and we decided to see if you had posted something new – only to find it looks like we missed this one a couple days ago! Amazing! Off to read more about indigo buntings! 🙂

    E, A, and their Mommy 🙂


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