Celebrating Dad!

6-18-2019My mom, dad, Louisa and I all had a delicious Father’s Day breakfast (prepared by yours truly) and then we headed out to play a few games of groquet.

What’s that you say?

You’ve never heard of groquet?

Ah, well, you’re not alone.

Groquet is a little-known game popular with giraffes the world over. It is similar to croquet, but the equipment is different in a few key ways. Groquet balls are larger and softer than croquet balls. And we giraffes do not use mallets. We swing with our necks and hit the balls through the wickets with our heads.

My dad was the east coast champion groquet player when he was in college. Alas, he missed winning the national championship by one game. His nemesis – a giraffe named Leonard who hails from L.A. – won that game.

That disappointment aside, groquet is my father’s favorite activity. It was an absolute no-brainer that we had to play it while celebrating Father’s Day.

No one in my family plays anywhere near as well as my father does, so I personally found it quite suspicious when Louisa won two out of three of the games we played. She crowed with glee the whole way home. My dad swore up and down that she won fair and square, but I have my doubts.

Were you able to see your dad on Father’s Day? If so, what did you do to celebrate?


5 responses to “Celebrating Dad!”

  1. Hi, Bernice. Great memories from Father’s Day. Thank you for the delicious breakfast and Mom, you and Louisa for the invigorating games of groquet! I personally had my suspicions of whether you were being easy on your younger sister – but you are correct that Louisa was thrilled to have won. I was thrilled to have had such a wonderful day with my family!
    Think I will find a river to walk in to cool off!


    • Thanks for the comment! Louisa can beat me fair and square – she’s awfully good at groquet. But as good as you? Hmmmm….

      I love you, Dad 🙂


  2. Bernice!

    Groquet sounds so fun! We are going to play croquet here at our house this weekend.

    As for our Father’s Day, my Daddy really, really likes to cook. So he made pancakes (my Mommy offered to cook for him – but he said it made him happy to make pancakes for us) with bacon and sausage. My Granddad and Grandma were visiting, so we had big breakfast with all six of us! It was so fun! Then, it was a really special day, because I got to dance on stage in a ballet on Father’s Day for both my Daddy and my Granddad (and of course the rest of my family). Then we went out to a fancy dinner to wrap up the whole day.

    Thank you for the blog post! I hope we see more from you soon! ❤



    • Groquet is so fun, E! 🙂

      I hope you have a great time playing croquet!

      It sounds like you had a wonderful Father’s Day with your Daddy and Granddad.

      I wish I had seen you dance! NuNu showed me photos and I looooooved your costume.



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