Ava Sees a Firefly

The first official day of summer may not be for another ten days, but as far as I am concerned, once the fireflies start twinkling, summer in D.C. is well underway.

I went to my assistant’s house to check in with her regarding some illustrations she was very late completing for me (tsk tsk). We talked shop for a while and then NuNu told me she had to take her puppy, an eight-month-old Scottish Terrier named Ava, outside.

6-11-2019 bAuntie NuNu and I noticed the soft green glow of fireflies as soon as we got out the door, but at first Ava was too busy sniffing the ground for an acceptable place to do her business to notice the insects. Then the gentle green glow of a lightening bug hovering just in front of the little dog’s nose caught her attention.

Ava sat on the grass and stayed uncharacteristically still. She monitored the dark space in front of her nose with total focus. A few seconds later a firefly lit up from where it had flown to – about four feet away. Ava seemed mesmerized. I don’t think I have ever seen anything cuter in my entire life.

Do you have fireflies where you live?

Bernice6-11-2019 a

5 responses to “Ava Sees a Firefly”

  1. Hi, Bernice. Greetings to NuNu and Ava. Fireflies are magical by any measure and greatly increase the excitement and enjoyment of a summer evening outdoors.


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