It’s Cherry Blossom Time!

4-2-2019 aMy Dad, Mom, Louisa, Hector and I made our way to D.C.’s tidal basin to see the annual cherry blossom bloom. There are many places one can see cherry blossoms in D.C., but we feel the tidal basin is the most iconic and so we go there every year. The flowers, the water, the monuments, the big blue sky… what more can a girl ask for? It is simply beautiful!

We giraffes are too tall to walk under the canopy the trees make, but that is fine with us. The walk under the tree branches is mobbed with humans anyway.4-2-2019 b

Even though Washington D.C. is known for its cherry blossoms, the trees are not native to the area. The trees were a gift from the people of Japan to the people of the United States. Isn’t that interesting? The gift was given over 100 years ago so you might have thought they were always here, but that is not at all the case.

Do you have cherry blossom trees where you live? If not, what blooms in your neck of the woods each spring?

6 responses to “It’s Cherry Blossom Time!”

  1. Hi, Bernice. Great time at the Tidal Basin with Mom, Louisa, Hector and you. Sorry I forgot to wear my sunglasses you got me. They are very cool. I noticed that the water by the Jefferson Memorial was higher than usual. Saw somewhere that the walkway down by the Basin now regularly is flooded for a few hours a day and that the Park Service is developing a plan to preserve the area and address the flooding. Hope they don’t have to do anything to the trees to accomplish.
    It is always so nice to see the beautiful blossoms this time of year. Traffic is always a challenge for humans if they come by car. Interesting to see all of the people enjoying the sights and enjoying the paddle boats. Wouldn’t it be neat if they came up with some kind of ride for our family! I know I say that every year but those paddle boats look like such fun for humans.



    • Hi Dad! Thanks for the comment!

      Auntie NuNu told me that Granddad and Grandma used to take her paddle boating at the tidal basin. It DOES look like a lot of fun. I have a feeling the giraffe market isn’t profitable enough for anyone to invest in creating paddle boats for us. What a pity.

      I have heard that flooding is an issue at the tidal basin as well. I hope it can be fixed.

      I love you, Dad. I think I’ll come over to your place for dinner tonight 😉 My cupboards are totally bare.


  2. Thank you, Bernice! We love your new blog post! We went to Central Park in New York City yesterday – and guess what! We saw some beautiful forsythia blooming along the hillsides. And – we climbed a lot of HUGE rocks. We also saw some pansies, daffodils, snow drops, and crocus flowers. They were amazing! Oh! And we saw pigeons – do you ever see pigeons around Washington, D.C.?

    Before we went to Central Park, we went to the American Natural History Museum to look at their dinosaur bones. Did you know that birds are direct ancestors of dinosaurs? So cool! Some dinosaurs even had passerine feet, just like you wrote about! We counted their toes – there were four: three in the front, one in the back – again, just like you wrote about!

    It sounds like so much fun having all those cherry blossoms in your area – we used to have some in our old neighborhood with our blue house; we’re not sure if this new one has any – but we’ll be sure to look out for them!

    Oh! And did NuNu show you our picture for you and Hector? We tried to attach it here, but no luck…


    • A comment from my muses! How thrilling! Thank you, ladies!

      Auntie NuNu showed me a picture your mommy sent her of the drawing you made for Hector and me. We ADORE it. Thank you so much!

      She also showed me the photos of you two in the park and at the museum – it looked like a wonderful day was had by all 🙂

      I do see pigeons here – I should do a blog post about them. Thank you for the reminder.

      Birds are indeed the descendants of dinosaurs. I should do a post about that too 😉

      I love you, E and A! I hope you have a splendid day today!



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