Hello Spring!

3-26-2019 bHector knows I love forsythia and suggested we go see Forsythia Dell at Dumbarton Oaks. I had somehow never even heard of it, even though I have lived in D.C. my whole life. I suppose the reason for that may be that D.C.’s famous cherry blossom extravaganza overshadows all other spring blooms.

The cherry blossoms are gorgeous and deserve to be well known, but if you have a chance, you must go see the forsythia at Dumbarton Oaks too. Two hillsides are covered in yellow blooms in early spring. It is spectacular!

I was so happy when I saw the plethora of yellow flowers that I gave Hector a big kiss on the cheek. That made him blush.  It was so cute!  But don’t tell him I said so.3-26-2019 a

8 responses to “Hello Spring!”

  1. Thanks, Bernice. What a special place is Dumbarton Oaks. Forsythia are truly beautiful as you say. Thought I would do some fact checking to learn some more about the forsythia plant. Did you know that the type of plant is named after William Forsyth? He was apparently a Scottish botanist. Wikipedia indicates he “was royal head gardener and a founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society”. That’s pretty cool to have a plant type named after you. By the way, isn’t NuNu’s dog a Scottish terrier? I also understand that some forsythia grow as tall as 20 feet (though typically much smaller). I haven’t seen any that tall in my wanderings around Dumbarton Oaks. But the big ones might make for a tasty treat. What do you think? Perhaps as a side course to acacia leaves. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.
    Say hi to Hector. Let’s hope the weather warms up soon. Lucky you and Hector have on your scarves.


    • Hi Dad! Thank you for the comment 🙂

      It is pretty cool to have a plant named for you. Lucky Mr. Forsyth!

      NuNu’s dog is a Scottish Terrier, yes. Perhaps the Scottish botanist had one too 😉

      I did taste some of the forsythia and I found it to be unappealing. It certainly has nothing on Acacia.

      I love you, Dad.


  2. Thank you, Bernice! I love your blog posts. I like the forsythia too – I love all kinds of flowers. Did you know my birthday party will be about flowers this year?



  3. Um…. Bernice… I read your blog so YOU just told me so 😉
    I like that you think it’s cute when I blush! 🙂


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