Birding at Home

2-19-2019 aHector and I had promised Louisa that we would take her to the National Arboretum on Saturday to do some bird watching. Unfortunately, Louisa got the flu, poor kid. She was very unhappy about having to cancel our outing.

I tried to comfort my sister by promising we would go as soon as she was well again, but Louisa would not be comforted. She whined in that pathetic, stuffed-up, nasal voice one has when one is sick and complained that everything was HORRIBLE and that she was SO DISSAPOINTED she might DIE.

Then I had an idea and it was brilliant, if I do say so myself.

“What if we could go birding in your room, Louisa? Would that make you feel better?” I asked.

She thought about that for a minute.

“Are you bringing me a pet cockatoo?” Louisa asked in response, sounding pretty darned excited all of a sudden.

“Er… no,” I answered. “But I have an idea. Gimme an hour, okay?”

I got to work and ran over to Auntie NuNu’s house. I asked NuNu if I could borrow her tablet. Auntie NuNu said sure and got it all set up for me. Then I went to my parents’ place and set the tablet up in Louisa’s room.

“That’s not a cockatoo,” Louisa whined miserably.

“I told you I wasn’t bringing you one, silly. But this will be fun. I promise.” I kissed my sister’s feverish forehead and told her to watch the screen.

“What is this? This stinks!” Louisa screeched as we watched an empty bird’s nest wave around a little in the breeze.

“It’s the National Arboretum Bald Eagle Nest Cam! We can birdwatch right here in your room! This is awesome. Trust me. Two Bald Eagles live here,” I said as I pointed at the screen. “Just keep watching. The eagles are fixing their nest up and preparing for the arrival of some new chicks. They’ll be home again soon, I swear.”

The livestream was, admittedly, pretty dull just then as the eagles were not home. The show doesn’t get really good until the chicks hatch and as of now the eggs haven’t even been laid. But it was birdwatching and we were in her room. Louisa harrumphed then watched the screen.

Alas, it was a while before anything of interest happened. Then one of the eagles finally came home with a fish and settled down to eat it. I looked over at Louisa to see what she thought now that one of the birds was home, but she hadn’t noticed.  Louisa had fallen to sleep.

2-19-2019 b

3 responses to “Birding at Home”

  1. Hi, Bernice. I know that Louisa had really been looking forward to the trip to the National Arboretum with you and Hector. Too bad about her catching the flu. So far Mom and I are feeling fine. And how very nice of you (and of course Auntie NuNu) to help Louisa connect with the DC Eagle Cam. The eagles nest is so high, I had never been able to see into one of their nests until I heard about the Eagle Cam. While watching an empty nest is obviously not that interesting, I’m sure there will be lots of excitement once the mother eagle lays the eggs and once the babies are born. We will have to have an Acacia leaf party when that happens. Perhaps Auntie NuNu will bring her tablet back then and join us for a little celebration.


    • Thanks for the comment, Dad 🙂

      I’m so glad mom and you have not gotten the flu from Louisa. Phew! When the time comes I will ask NuNu if she can come to a hatched-eaglet celebration! What a splendid idea!

      I love you.


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