Home Sweet Home

1-22-2019The weather has been absolutely frightful and I found myself craving a good gallon or two of steamy-hot, green tea. I picked up my favorite kind and decided to go to my parents’ place to see if they would like some too.

As luck would have it, my parents were making my favorite salad for dinner. They had purchased a few hundred pounds of acacia leaves earlier in the day, so there was enough to go around. For a couple of days anyway.

Louisa, my much-younger sister, was super excited to try the special giraffe’s blend of tea I brought so we made that while my parents prepared the salad. Louisa grimaced after she took her first sip and said she did not like the tea AT ALL. I told her it was an acquired taste and suggested she try it again.

At the moment Louisa’s favorite word is NO. And yes, that’s NO in capital letters. My sister speaks many words in all caps these days. My sister told me she thought the idea of acquiring a taste was just plain-old SILLY and that she had absolutely NO intention of liking the tea EVER.

“Alright, alright, settle down, missy,” my dad said to her with a smile.

“It’s time to eat your dinner, Louisa,” my mom added.

Three of us filled our tummies with salad and tea.

One of us just had salad.

We were all satisfied.

6 responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Dear Bernice,
    I like the pictures you make of you and Hector! I like learning about your family, too. I have a little sister who likes to say NO!, too! My mommy loves to say, “A! Don’t say that!” I say, “Calm down, Mommy! Calm down, A!” I really like learning about what you like to eat. I would like to try your special giraffe green tea when I come to visit. It sounds nice and yucky!

    I want to learn about birds from you, so if you could make your next post about birds, I’d really like that!

    E (A is here, too – she’s interfering with the typing I’m dictating to Mommy…)


    • Hi E and A! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, my little muses 🙂

      I’ll be sure to have some giraffe’s-blend green tea on hand when you are next visiting Washington, D.C.

      I promise I will tell you all about a bird in my next post.

      And I’ll let my assistant, NuNu, know you like her drawings. I am sure she will be very happy to know that.

      I hope you are having a splendid day today!



  2. Tell Louisa that I adore the special giraffe’s blend of green tea you get. Yum yum!
    Your parents really do make the best acacia salad I have ever had. Let me know when you’re going over to their place again so I can come and have some too? Pretty please with sugar on top?
    Where did your dad and sister get their turtleneck sweaters? I want one too!


    • Hi Hector! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

      Sure, I can bring you to my parents’ place for dinner. I will ask them what evening works for them. And I will ask them where they got their sweaters – I have no idea!

      See you later 🙂



  3. Bernice – great to see so many comments. First, when E and A come to DC, we will have to have a special time drinking our giraffe blend of green tea and swapping bird stories. Maybe their mommy will let them ride on you and Hector, and you can take them to some of your favorite bird watching spots. Tell Hector he is always welcome for Mom’s acacia salad. Just need to know when he is coming so we can get an extra 30 pounds to cover what he is likely to eat. Oh, and by the way, the turtle neck is from my favorite shop, Big and Bigger Sweaters.

    Well, have just put my turtleneck on and am feeling pretty hungry, so need to go munch of some leaves in the trees.


    • Hi Dad! Thanks for the comment 🙂

      I didn’t know Big & Bigger Sweaters made giraffe clothing! I thought they were for elephants only. Good to know. I’ll be sure to let Hector know.

      I love you, Dad!



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