Appearances Can Be Deceiving

1-15-2019 aHector and I were out for a walk, noshing appetizing leaves we saw along the way. We moseyed with no particular destination in mind, as is our wont.

After a while we came upon a tree that was covered in berries even though it had lost all its leaves for winter. There were something like one hundred American Robins perched in the branches, busily eating the fruit.

“How huge they are!” Hector said to me, admiring the robins’ portly physiques. “I’ve never seen such obese birds. These robins must have fattened up for winter, don’t you think, Bernice?”

The robins did indeed appear quite heavy, but appearances can be deceiving. I explained to Hector that the birds were not fat at all – they had puffed out their feathers to keep warm. Did you know that birds do that? Birds use the heat from their bodies to warm the air between their feathers. Isn’t that interesting?

1-15-2019 cIt seems like such small creatures would not be able to stay warm when it is very cold outside, doesn’t it? However, air is an excellent insulator and those of our feathered friends who choose not to travel south for the winter are indeed able to keep themselves warm.

Hector and I stayed by the tree for a while and admired the robins’ rust-colored chests. Then we decided we had better get back to fattening ourselves up for winter!

It sure is cold here in D.C.! Is it cold where you are?


4 responses to “Appearances Can Be Deceiving”

  1. Hi, Bernice. Great to see so many robins enjoying the berries. Not as tasty as leaves of course, but then to each animal its own! Do you find it difficult footing with ice on the ground? Brr. Hi to Héctor. Time to head to the watering hole for some refreshments. Been a week or so since my last visit.


  2. I love your blog, Bernice, but Auntie NuNu sure isn’t doing your beauty justice with her drawings! 😦
    Let’s go see if the robins have eaten all the berries on that tree yet, shall we?


    • OMG Hector! Please don’t criticize my assistant’s work! What if she quits? You better go visit her and apologize.

      And okay – let’s go to the tree all the robins were in this afternoon. Shall I meet you there at about 2pm?



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